Warriors News · **Travel Quarantine Issued By Governor**

Student-Athletes and Families:

As we approach Fall Break the Governor of Kentucky has issued a  14-day quarantine upon the return from traveling to any of the following states:

 Florida, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Missouri, Idaho, Iowa & Kansas

Meaning. If you travel to any of these states during fall break. You may not return to sports for 14 days after your return. Please plan according. As always, we will follow the guidelines provided to us by the State of Kentucky as a means to insure healthy students, families, school and community.

Fall break will occur as scheduled from October 12-16. We hope you will take a much-needed break from school work and enjoy the week off.

We wanted to remind everyone that Governor Beshear’s Travel Advisory is ongoing for Kentuckians traveling to states reporting a COVID-19 positivity test rate of 15% or greater. States listed under the travel advisory change fluidly. The most up to date information can be found at https://govstatus.egov.com/kycovid19. As of the printing of this letter, states currently on the list are as follows: South Dakota, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Kansas, Idaho, Iowa, and Missouri. The Governor has also made this recommendation for the state of Florida.

Eminence Schools has decided to adhere to the recommended quarantine for travel to states with COVID-19 positivity rates at or above 15% and to only include those states at or above 15%. Florida currently has a positivity rate below 15%, so for now we are not recommending quarantine from travel to that state. However, please know that if Florida, or any other state, reaches a 15% positivity rate or above while you are there, the recommended quarantine would then apply.

If your child travels to one of the states on the advisory list, we ask that you follow the Governor’s recommendation to self-quarantine for 14 days prior to returning to school.

Remember, Eminence Independent Schools has a plan in place to allow students who need to stay home due to illness/symptoms or who need to quarantine for 14 days to continue participating in classroom activities virtually. As long as students participate in classroom instructional activities during their quarantine, they will not be counted absent from school. It is our desire to follow this plan in order to keep our students healthy and in-person. If you will be traveling to one of the states on the Travel Advisory, please be in contact with the school and communicate with us so that we can ensure your child is not being counted absent.

However, Eminence Independent Schools will require student athletes and students involved in extra-curricluar activities who travel to any state on the Travel Advisory list (including Florida) to quarantine for 14 days upon return from all team activities. These athletes will not participate in team meetings, practices or competitions until the quarantine is completed, but will be allowed to attend school, though a recommendation of a home quarantine is suggested for that as well. We feel this is important since student athletes compete unmasked and not socially distanced. Our teams want nothing more than being able to play our complete seasons.

Thank you for your understanding, support, and a great start to the school year!