Warriors News · Senior Night Football Guidelines

All Senior Students (Regular and Football Players)

Senior students will need to get their game day tickets from a cheerleader and/or football players. All players are allotted 6 game tickets. Please contact a cheerleader or football player and request the use of one of their tickets. You will have to provide name and phone number. On game day, you will need to get your ticket at the gate. The charge will be $5 for everyone.


Eminence Football Team 

+ 6 tickets will be allotted to each football player and cheerleader. A list of those receiving tickets will be given to the gate workers who will check you off as you arrive. Ticket holder pays as they enter gate. Cost will be $5 for all tickets. Must provide name and phone # when signing in.

+ Essential game day staff will be allowed to attend as well. Must provide name and phone # when signing in.

+ Staff and their families will be allowed to attend. Board Members ARE considered staff and will be allowed to come to all games.  Must provide name and phone # when signing in.

+ If you do not have a ticket or lose the one given to you. There will NOT be a replacement given.

+ No standing in front of the fence/railing in front of the bleachers or concession stand

+ Practice field will be closed. No running around or playing will be allowed.

+ Children/students must stay and sit with adult they came with.

+ Cheerleaders will cheer in section between bleachers

+ Subs must stay 6ft. apart and be masked.



+ Concession stand will be open and serving pre-packaged snacks at football games.

+ Concession stand will be closed for volleyball, but we will be installing a coke machine and vending machine in the gym lobby for offering cold drinks and snacks.

+ One person will be handling money only. Two will be fulfilling orders.

+ Gloves and masks will be worn at all times.