Warriors News · Eminence Tennis team begin inaugural season!

Head Coach, Brian Toda was happy with the boys and girls teams. The matches went really well, he stated.  We won 3 matches. Eminence Girls Were defeated 3-2. Skylar Noyes (No.2 seed) won her singles match 8-6. Alyssa Harger (No.1 seed) and Skylar Noyes (No.2 seed) won their doubles match 8-6. Eminence Boys were defeated 9-1. Hunter Gibson (No. 3 seed) and Silvestre Reza (No. 4 seed) won their doubles match 8-3! Overall, all of the matches were evenly matched and we played very well!

Home matches are played at Clear Creek Park in Shelbyville. Check the school website for team schedules.